Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or simply looking to have some fun, we have a range of invigorating sports activities to keep you active and entertained throughout your stay.

Engage in Active Pursuits Amidst Coastal Beauty

Villa Oštro is your gateway to an array of thrilling sports activities set against the backdrop of Kvarner bay coastal charm, Crikvenica’s vibrant atmosphere, and the active spirit of Krk. Immerse yourself in a world of dynamic adventures that capture the essence of these picturesque locales.

Poolside Wellness Retreat

Recharge your energy with poolside workouts at Villa Oštro. Our private pool offers a serene setting for water aerobics, aqua yoga, or simply refreshing laps that combine relaxation with physical activity.

Active Adventures on Krk

Discover Krk’s natural playground through adventurous activities. From cycling along scenic trails to kayaking in crystal-clear waters, Krk offers an abundance of opportunities to experience its beauty in an active and dynamic way. If you feel more adventurous, try Baska Zipline, wakeboard Krk or rent a jet-ski. Or try some tuna fishing expedition if you feel like it.

Swimming is not an option.